GSO 05/DS/2565:2022 Creamy Labneh

 Standard Draft  / Date of Publishing: 17/05/2022
Affected Regions:  GCC

GSO 05/DS/2565:2022 Creamy Labneh

This Gulf standard is concerned with the requirements that must be met in creamy labneh and heat-treated creamy labneh after fermentation that are intended for human consumption.

Purpose: There is no English version of the standard.

Deadline for Comments: 17/07/2022

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Do you have questions or inquiries?

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Date of publishing:
Country: Turkey
Category: Dairy products and analogues, Fats and oils, and fat emulsions, Edible ices, including sherbet and sorbet, Fruits and Vegetables, Confectionery, Cereals and cereal products, Bakery Wares, Meat and meat products, Fish and fish products, Eggs and egg products, Sweeteners, including honey, Salts, spices, soups, sauces, salads and protein products, Foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses, Beverages, excluding dairy products, Ready-to-eat savouries, Prepared foods, Novel foods, B2B products, Hotels amenities products

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