Label Validation

Noncompliance with the targeted market can lead to determinantal consequences for both the product and the business. This is where we come in ensuring products’ labels are in line with the regulations and standards of the targeted countries to ensure the highest mitigation of possible risks.

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  Label Validation

Formula validation

Formula validation is vital for products’ safety. Our experts validate the core formula within the framework of the target country’s regulations and technical requirements.

We review the product data and advise on the actions that should be taken based on the applicable standards and regulations.

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Technical Translation

Our technical translation service covers the below:

  • Translation of labels from English to Arabic by using technical terms in line with the local regulations and common practices

  • Translation of technical regulations and standards

  • Translation of news, laws, and decrees

  • Translation of leaflets, presentations, and brochures

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We provide support for the registration of FMCG products to help expedite the process and ensure its efficiency.

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Ensure a Smooth Market Entry for Your Product with RAQAM's Expert Services  

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Product Compliance

For a product to enter a market, it should comply to the regulations and conditions of the respective authorities.

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Quality Assurance

We provide consultancy to help you achieve any quality-related certification

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Regulatory Intelligence

To keep you posted with all changes that may occur in regulations, in the MENA region, and scientific findings.

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 The regulatory atmosphere is exponentially growing. If a crisis is encountered, we can help. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product compliance refers to the process of ensuring that a product meets all relevant regulations, standards, and requirements that apply to it. 

At Raqam, we offer label and formula validation services to our clients to ensure that their products are fully compliant with all applicable regulations and standards. Our label validation process involves verifying that all information on the product label is accurate and compliant, while our formula validation process ensures that the product's composition is safe, effective, and meets all relevant environmental, health, and safety standards. 

By conducting these validations, we can help our clients to minimize their legal and financial liabilities and protect their reputation by ensuring that their products are fully compliant with all relevant regulations and standards.

The role of a regulatory compliance service provider is to help companies ensure that their products and services comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. This can include providing guidance on regulatory requirements, conducting audits and assessments, and providing training and support to help companies achieve and maintain compliance. 

A regulatory compliance service provider typically has a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and the specific requirements that apply to different industries and product types. They can help companies navigate complex regulatory frameworks, stay up to date on changes to regulations, and ensure that their products and services are fully compliant. 

1. Specific tasks that a regulatory compliance service provider might perform include: 
2. Conducting compliance assessments and audits (Product Compliance) 
3. Developing compliance strategies and plans 
4. Providing regulatory advice and guidance (Regulatory Inquiries) 
5. Developing and implementing compliance training programs 
6. Helping companies prepare for regulatory inspections and audits. 
7. Assisting with the development and submission of regulatory filings and documentation 
8. Monitoring regulatory changes and updates and providing guidance on how they may impact a company's products or services. (Horizon Scanning) 

Overall, the role of a regulatory compliance service provider is to help companies manage regulatory risks and ensure that they can operate effectively and compliantly within their industry. ​

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 Businesses can ensure regulatory compliance by staying up-to-date on relevant regulations and standards, conducting regular product testing and risk assessments, and working with a regulatory compliance service provider.

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Consequences of non-compliance with regulations can include fines, legal action, damage to brand reputation, and even criminal charges in some cases. 

Businesses can stay up-to-date on changes to regulations by subscribing to industry newsletters and publications, attending conferences and seminars, and working with a regulatory compliance service provider who can provide regular updates on changes to regulations.

Can you help with regulatory inquiries?

Yes, we can help you with any regulatory inquiry you may have such as technical questions related to your products including but not limited to labelling inquiries and formula inquiries. We have the expertise to do so by referring back to regulations and our contact channels in the authorities.

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