"Three-piece tin can for foodstuff" regulation amendment 
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Advocating with the GCC, especially UAE & Saudi, authorities to update the regulation to be at par with current international regulations & practices, and reduce cost for the manufacturer.

As per GSO 1791: 2007 technical regulation for "three-piece tin can for food stuff', only tin plate with thickness of 0.15 mm or more were allowed. The manufacturer wanted to use tin plate with thickness less than 0.15 mm and up to 0.13 mm to produce their tin cans. This small reduction would save them approximately USD 7 millions in materials costs yearly.

During our investigations of international regulations & practices, we found that there is an ISO standard for the same product wherein the minimum allowed thickness is 0.10 mm for double reduced & 0.15 mm for single reduced. Apart from this ISO standard we found multiple other standards wherein the minimum allowed thickness was below 0.15 nun. We also had numerous discussions with various tin can manufacturers throughout the world to understand the international practices. Based on this information we developed a regulatory, scientifically, environmentally & economically feasible proposal with concrete justification to improve the situation. After numerous discussions with the authorities and many more documents & information, we were successful.

In the UAE a new updated version of the regulation was issued with minimum tin plate thickness of 0.10 mm (we prepared the updated regulation for the UAE authority) and for Saudi we received a special approval until GSO regulation is updated. Currently, the updated regulation is in the final stage of adoption with all the GCC Countries.

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