Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

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Cosmetic Product Registration Services in Dubai

The fundamental motivation behind the Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai Municipality is consumer wellbeing; this process requires the assessment of all products' details by authorities to ensure public security. The government of UAE controls the production, dealership, and import of products marketed in the UAE, cosmetic products registration is obligatory prior to market distribution and placement. A product registration certificate is published once the application is approved, if the product meets the guidelines and processes set by the authorities.

It is mandatory to register your products at Dubai Municipality - Montaji department to guarantee compliance and Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) to guarantee quality assurance.

Raqam bridges the gap between FMCG companies and authorities to maintain compliant products and responsible regulations while guaranteeing public safety

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 Classification, compliance, and dossier preparation


Expedited approval for your products

Explore our Cosmetics Regulatory Services

We offer Regulatory services for cosmetic and personal care organizations to guarantee their products' conformity with the most recent  regulations and abide with mandatory authority processes

Our Cosmetics Expertise

  • Product Formulation And Ingredient Review

  • Product Labeling Review

  • Product Claims assessment & recommendations 

  • Market entry route planning

  • Market sustainability assessment

  • Regulatory Intelligence

  • Artwork unification services

  • Market research

  • Cosmetics quality assurance consultancy

  • Registration support

  • Cosmetic Packaging Artwork Solutions

The cosmetic products that can be registered in the UAE

Creams, emulsions, moisturizers, gels, and oils for the skin (hands, face, feet, and so on), Face veils (except for stripping items), Make-up powders, after-shower powders, sterile powders, and so forth, Tinted bases (fluids, glues, powders)

Bath and shower arrangements (salts, froths, oils, gels, and so on), Perfumes, latrine waters, Deodorants, antiperspirants, and Cologne, Cleansing and Conditioning items, Shaving items (creams, froths, salves), Anti-wrinkle items, Sunbathing and tanning items, Skin-brightening items , Products for outside cozy cleanliness and others

The Leading Regulatory Affairs Consultants in the MENA Region

We bridge the gap between FMCG companies and authorities to maintain compliant products and responsible regulations while guaranteeing public safety.

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We have the most accumulated, hands-on and practical experience in the MENA markets for all FMCG products. Combined with our proactive approach, prudent personality and high standard processes, we can help you identify, evaluate, and execute your products' route to market activities.

Our Industry Expertise

Food and Beverages

All food businesses must ensure compliance to Dubai Food Code at all times

Food and Beverages Registration


Detergent product registration in Dubai is mandatory. Register your products now

Detergent Products Registration


Disinfectant products required to register with Dubai Municipality's Montaji system first

Disinfectant Products Registration

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