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Food and Beverage Products Registration Services in the UAE

For importing, growing, making and/or selling food products in Dubai, or any emirate in the UAE, the products must go through the registration process at Dubai Municipality and/or another authority (depending on the product's classification, information, and supply chain details). Food Product Registration is a process to submit products information in the authority web portal using a product unique bar code. The authority (Dubai Municipality for example) verifies the product label as per the applicable regulation/s. Specific details in Arabic language must be visible on the label. Other languages can be on the label given that the details are identical in all languages.

Ingredients are also checked and the authority may request lab tests to verify the products' quality and ensure consumers safety. The process of food product registration is as per the guidelines and regulations of UAE government.

Raqam bridges the gap between FMCG companies and authorities to maintain compliant products and responsible regulations while guaranteeing public safety

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Food, beverages and Food Supplements Registration

Our Regulatory specialists offer proficient help in F&B product registration processes. In view of the product classification, manufacturers need to plan specialized dossiers according to the guidelines and submit for essential endorsements

Food and Beverages Expertise

  • Food, Beverages and Food Supplement Classification

  • Formula and Ingredient Assessment

  • Labelling Assessment 

  • Claims Consultation and Substantiation

  • Dossier Compilation

  • Product Registration

  • Legal Representation Services

  • Regulatory Intelligence Services

  • Market Research

  • Quality Assurance Consultancy

How Can We Assist You In Food & Beverage Product Registration?

RAQAM experts have a strong accumulative knowledge and experience in registering products in the UAE, with specialized food products registration, our team is capable in leading regulatory, administrative, and follow up activities with the authorities to increase success chances and speed up processes.

The Leading Regulatory Affairs Consultants in the MENA Region

We bridge the gap between FMCG companies and authorities to maintain compliant products and responsible regulations while guaranteeing public safety.

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We have the most accumulated, hands-on and practical experience in the MENA markets for all FMCG products. Combined with our proactive approach, prudent personality and high standard processes, we can help you identify, evaluate, and execute your products' route to market activities.

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