We bridge the gap between FMCG companies and authorities to maintain compliant products and responsible regulations while guaranteeing public safety. 

Our History

We started operating in the mid of 2011, and ever since, we have grown to become one of the most trusted regulatory, quality, and scientific affairs solutions providers & advisors in the FMCG sector across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) 

How do we do it?

Our work is built by four pillars:

In Legislations

We have an extensive understanding of current legislation and instant awareness of new amendments, drafts, and updates regarding FMCG regulations.

Trusted Relation

We are deeply rooted in the industry and continuously connected with its key players and legislators.

Scientific  Research

We conduct meticulous research to acquire an absolute comprehension of individual cases.

 Technical  Reasoning

We reconcile the ever-changing regulations with the FMCG companies’ cases using science-based arguments.

Endless Possibilities

Our profound erudition in regulations and related scientific reasoning widens our perspective to see numerous possibilities to resolve even the most intractable quandaries.


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Our Awards and Recognitions

Our Team

Dr. Hassan Bayrakdar

Founder & Managing Director

Graduated from the Université Henri Poincaré Nancy - France with Ph.D. degree in Chemistry, specialized in food quality and regulations, regional and international F&B standards. 

Having spent 19 years leading food companies, monitoring and establishing food standards across the MENAT region, Dr. Hassan obtained an extensive knowledge of Regulatory, Scientific and Quality Systems relevant to food and beverages manufacturing such as expertise on Halal, food regulations and laws, crisis and Issue management.

Remarkable industry expertise sets the benchmark for tactical advocacy deliberation, authorities communications & negotiations, and issue & crisis management.

Yasser Ramzy

Account Manager – RA&C

Yasser is a diligent and self-directed Sales and Marketing professional who started his career with RAQAM in 2014. Formerly leading a successful and talented team of Regulatory specialists as an Operation Manager at RAQAM, Yasser has developed and implemented efficient systems to deliver successful projects to our esteemed clientele.

Yasser has also been utilizing his technological expertise to support the entire business workflow and has now taken a new challenge to improve client communications and customer satisfaction.

Tafseer Ansari 

Technical Engagement Manager

  A results-oriented professional with a stellar track record in effectively resolving quality and regulatory challenges, Tafseer brings over 15 years of invaluable experience in the food industry. By seamlessly combining technical expertise with strategic thinking, he consistently delivers exceptional outcomes. His areas of specialization encompass Quality, Sustainability, Research, and Investigation. 

In his role as an Engagement Manager, Tafseer oversees project execution, working closely with clients to identify and tackle quality, scientific, and regulatory obstacles. By leveraging his robust analytical abilities, innovative thinking, and unwavering determination, he devises and implements effective strategies and solutions. 

Recognized as a technical expert, Tafseer undertakes and successfully completes critical, high-value, and strategic initiatives. These include securing special regulatory permissions, navigating excise tax exemptions, obtaining certifications, conducting technical investigations, developing crisis management strategies, gaining approvals for novel foods and innovative products, as well as formulating and implementing sustainability strategies for companies.

Rasha Al Odeh

Technical Engagement Engineer 

Technical Engagement Engineer at RAQAM with more than 7 years of experience in the FMCG industry. An expert of handling regulatory affairs projects successfully through her advanced research skills, knowledge of processes, and the prudent approach with the authorities. She is skilled in label and formula assessments, product registrations, translations, addressing technical queries and in leading complex research projects. 

Rasha is currently responsible for handling retainer accounts, ensuring smooth project execution, maintaining good customer relationship, keeping clients up to date on recent regulations and standards & monitoring client satisfaction and take appropriate action to address any issues or concerns.

Noor Hamadeh

Regulatory Affairs Supervisor

Noor is a Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Supervisor with extensive experience in the regulatory field, specializing in food and beverages, and has experience in cosmetics, detergent, and disinfectant categories. 

Throughout her career, Noor has demonstrated an exceptional ability to navigate complex regulatory environments, staying up to date on the latest regulations and requirements to ensure that her clients' products meet all relevant standards. Her expertise and leadership have been instrumental in successfully leading her team to deliver high-quality regulatory affairs consulting services to clients. 

She has also established strong connections with authorities in the industry, giving them an edge in navigating complex regulatory processes. Their expertise in regulatory affairs allows them to provide clients with invaluable guidance on product development, labeling, and marketing strategies. With Noor on board, you can trust that your company's regulatory affairs are in capable hands.

Mohamed Abdulwahab

Account Manager – RA&C

As an Account Manager, Mohamed works closely with clients to understand their regulatory needs and develop solutions that ensure their products meet all necessary standards. His knowledge of food and beverage regulations and strong communication skills have allowed him to effectively manage client accounts and build lasting relationships. 

Committed to providing the highest level of service and support, he continuously improves his skills to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments. We are confident in Mohamed's ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Meet Our Experts

Raqam's greatest asset is the technical experience of its team. We believe our strength lies in our mutual respect, diversity and synergy. Our specialized bio-tech & chemical engineers and nutritionists lead the industry's most relevant innovations. We are adaptable, patient and competitive with strong leadership and delegation skills. We are problems solving experts with a fantastic record of solutions. We are good communicators, goal-oriented, cooperative, supportive, diversified, organized and fun to work with, we are RAQAM!