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Regulatory Investigating & Auditing

Our team comprises professionals with certification body experience of approximately 300 man-days in auditing and inspection. Coupled with our experience in consulting for food safety, halal, and other food-related certifications, we are experts in identifying, assessing, and analyzing the problem and its root cause.

Our Expertise

We use our unique skills to provide the industry including manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, warehouses catering businesses, restaurants, and others with our inspection & internal auditing services. 
Following are some of the situations where you can avail of this service to name a few:

For exporters or manufacturers who want to ensure the quality of the products recceived at the port of entry. (Inspection)

For distributors or retailers who want to ensure that their manufacturers or suppliers are in compliance with the quality & food safety requirements.(Second Party Audit)

For restaurants or catering companies to ensure that their outlets are in compliance with the food safety requirements. (Inspection)

For exporters or manufacturers who want to ensure that their distributors, retailers or suppliers are in compliance with the quality & food safety requirements. (Second Party Audit)

For manufacturers to ensure that their implemented quality & food safety system is in compliance with the requirements.(Internal Audit)

As a pre-inspection before the periodic inspection by the authorities, certification bodies and/ or partners to ensure compliance and close gaps, if any are found. (Inspection)

Regulatory Certifications

Certifications are necessary to provide assurance to the authorities that your product complies with general requirements or particular regulations. The absence of certain certificates can prevent your product from entering a market or getting recalled or banned after entry. Certifications may be tedious, time-consuming & expensive, but we can help provide the best alternatives to guarantee success and eliminate waste.

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For a product to enter a market, it should comply to the regulations and conditions of the respective authorities.

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Regulatory Intelligence

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 The regulatory atmosphere is exponentially growing. If a crisis is encountered, we can help. 

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The Leading Regulatory Affairs Consultants in the MENA Region

We bridge the gap between FMCG companies and authorities to maintain compliant products and responsible regulations while guaranteeing public safety.

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We have the most accumulated, hands-on and practical experience in the MENA markets for all FMCG products. Combined with our proactive approach, prudent personality and high standard processes, we can help you identify, evaluate, and execute your products' route to market activities.

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