Crisis Management

Provides solutions for solving non-conformity and compliance issues upon receiving the shipments at the borders throughout the products’ life-cycle. Depending on the nature of the crisis we identify the problem, analyze possible solutions, and perform negotiations until we find a suitable solution for both the authority and our clients. Depending on the situation we can either accommodate a long-term or a short-term solution.

Here are a variety of short-term solutions, including but not limited, to the conditional release of shipments for a certain agreed period to help reduce demurrage fees. There are also a variety of long-term solutions, including but not limited to; analyzing the situation, communicating with scientific arguments to negotiate with authorities, and attempting to amend regulations to remove trade barriers where applicable.  

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Problem Solving

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Special Approvals​

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Product Compliance

For a product to enter a market, it should comply to the regulations and conditions of the respective authorities.

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Quality Assurance

We provide consultancy to help you achieve any quality-related certification

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Regulatory Intelligence

To keep you posted with all changes that may occur in regulations, in the MENA region, and scientific findings.

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 The regulatory atmosphere is exponentially growing. If a crisis is encountered, we can help. 

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The Leading Regulatory Affairs Consultants in the MENA Region

We bridge the gap between FMCG companies and authorities to maintain compliant products and responsible regulations while guaranteeing public safety.

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We have the most accumulated, hands-on and practical experience in the MENA markets for all FMCG products. Combined with our proactive approach, prudent personality and high standard processes, we can help you identify, evaluate, and execute your products' route to market activities.

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