Gulf Standard for Frozen Fried Potatoes

Date of Publishing: 23/05/2023 | Affected Regions:  GSO

GSO 05 DS 1868:2023 Quick Frozen French Fried Potatoes

This Gulf standard focuses on frozen fried potatoes made from fresh potatoes of the Solanum tuberosum L. variety. The standard applies to these potatoes when they are prepared for direct consumption without any additional processing, except for repacking.

The standard aims to ensure consistent quality, safety, and appropriate labeling practices for these frozen fried potato products. The potatoes used shall be of the specified variety, and the product is intended to be consumed directly without any further processing. Repackaging is allowed, but no other processing steps are permitted. The standard serves to regulate the production and sale of frozen fried potatoes in the Gulf region.

Deadline for comments: 15/07/2023

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