Jordan: Circular to Importers and Producers of Cosmetics and Medicated Cosmetics

Date of Publishing: 06/03/2023  Affected Country:  Jordan

The Circular informs importers and producers of cosmetics and medicated cosmetics of the following:

1. The same preservative challenge test is accepted for different products if they had similar formulas in all ingredients except for color/s and/or perfume/s.

2. When adding new colors to a product that has been already registered, the new colors are administratively registered provided that the required fees are fulfilled.

3. Regarding the heavy metals test, a lab certificate is to be provided upon the submission of the technical file. It is permitted to submit a declaration that the cosmetic is free from heavy metals for handling purposes given that a lab test for the handling of the cosmetic is obtained from an approved local lab or to obtain a certificate of analysis from the manufacturing company within 4 months. 

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