KSA Draft: SFDA.FD 2604:2022 'Putting Calories on Food Establishments Menu’s SellingAway-From-Home Foods'

Date of release: 17/11/2022 Affected country: KSA

This technical regulation is concerned with the requirements for placing the calories content in food establishment menus that serve food to the consumer away-from-home whether they are actual or electronic establishments and electronic food delivery platforms contracted by the food establishment. The technical regulation also includes any food shown to be sold, exhibited, or enlisted in the establishment and served to the consumer.

This regulation applies to:

1- All food establishments such as, but not limited to: (Restaurant chains, coffee shops, ice cream stores, fresh fruit juice stores, bakeries, sweets, cafeterias, bakeries inside stores, supermarkets, theme parks, colleges, universities, governmental institutions, hospitals, airports, public transportation stations, cinemas, and gyms), and virtual kitchens.

2- All electronic websites of the food establishments mentioned above.

3- All electronic food delivery platforms/ applications.

Date of deadline: 17/01/2023

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