Ministerial Decree No. 143 /2024 Mandating the Egyptian Standard ES 8042/2024 for "Fermented Milks"


Date of Publishing: 31/05/2024         Affected Region: Egypt

The  Ministerial  Decree  No.143/2024  gives  the  producers  and importers  a  six-month  transitional  period  to  abide  by  the  Egyptian  Standard  ES  8042 which  specifies  the  essential  requirements  and  descriptive  criteria  of fermented  milks, which  include  fermented  milks,  heat-treated  fermented  milks,  concentrated  fermented milks, and complex dairy products, with the exception of labneh, which depend on the use of  these  milks  and  are  prepared  for  direct  consumption  or  for  other  manufacturing processes and which are consistent with the definitions stated in Claus 2. Know More 

Deadline for Comments: 30/07/2024

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