Palestine: TR 109-2023 plastic materials intended for contact with food

Date of Publishing: 01/03/2023 | Affected Regions:  Palestine

PSI has published a technical regulation concerned with the requirements for the manufacturing and marketing of plastic items and materials that are:

1. Intended for food contact.
2. In contact with food.
3. Logically expected to come into contact with food.

The regulation applies to materials and items enlisted in the market under the following categories:

1. Materials and items that consist of plastic and its parts.
2. Multi-layered plastic materials and items adhered to each other using an adhesive or other methods.
3. Materials and items referred to in 1. and 2., which have been printed on and/or covered with an external layer
4. Plastic layers or types of plastic paints that are used as covers for caps and corks, which together form a group of 2 layers or more of different materials.
5. Multi-layered and multi-material plastics, which are used in the formation of plastic items and materials.

Date of enforcement: 01/09/2023

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