Regulatory Insights of Novel Food

Novel food are products of innovation driven to address the problems plaguing the food production. Whether such a problem is related to food security or environmental aspect or consumer preference or simply a hunger to develop something new, novel foods are here to stay & grow!

The most common type of novel food are the meat & dairy alternatives. These are products which are either derived from plant or a product of microbial fermentation. But there are other categories of products which can be categorized as novel food as well including products of cellular agriculture or meat produced from cells.

Being a new subcategory of food products, regulations are still being developed in most of the countries to control the entry & marketing of such products. With GCC countries including UAE & Saudi Arabia joining the likes of European Union, United States and other countries to have issued at least a basic regulation regarding novel foods.

There is an ever-increasing consumer demand for novel food products in the gulf countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others. Moreover, being categorized as novel food may also help with reducing cost, time and expediting market entry into gulf countries. So, let us assist you in understanding the novel food regulations, whether your products can be classified as novel food or not, general requirements such as labelling, registration process and help your products in conquering this market and live up to its immense potential.

Services we offer:

Verify if the product can be classified as novel food in your target market

Product Approval or Registration as novel food with relevant authority

Research & investigate potential available options, solutions or in general information that may be required to maximize profit & minimize hurdles or time & cost

Product Compliance (labelling requirements, ingredients & additive permissibility, etc.)

Advocacy or Special Approvals to overcome any technical, scientific, or regulatory hurdles

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