Event: Annual F&B Regulatory Affairs Seminar 2023

The Annual F&B Regulatory Affairs Seminar 2023 was a highly informative event that brought together industry professionals to discuss the latest regulatory developments in the food and beverage industry. The event featured several speakers who shared their insights and experiences with the attendees. 



Noor Hamadeh (Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Supervisor) delivered a presentation on the regulatory requirements for nutritional labeling in the GCC region. Her presentation highlighted the importance of accurate and transparent nutritional labeling and how businesses can ensure compliance with the GCC regulations. 

Yasser Ramzy Bayrakdar (Key Accounts Manager) spoke about the major GCC regulation updates. He provided attendees with an overview of the recent regulatory changes in the GCC region and how they would impact the food and beverage industry. His presentation was a valuable resource for attendees looking to stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements in the region. 

Tafseer Ansari (Key Accounts Manager) also delivered a presentation on regulatory requirements, specifically focusing on Halal, EQM, ECAS, IMS, Novel Food, and SFDA COC. His presentation provided attendees with valuable insights on how to ensure compliance with these requirements and navigate the regulatory landscape in the food and beverage industry. 

Omar Hisham (Business Development Manager) moderated the event and explained the importance of information transfer, data sharing, and having a consultancy to back up FMCG companies’ operations to guarantee success. 

The event also featured a panel discussion led by Dr. Hassan Bayrakdar (Founder & Managing Director of RAQAM Consultancy). The panel discussion focused on his experience and journey with regulatory affairs throughout multinational companies and RAQAM. The discussion provided attendees with valuable insights on how to navigate regulatory affairs frameworks to stay ahead of the curve. 

Overall, the Annual F&B Regulatory Affairs Seminar 2023 was a huge success. The speakers provided valuable insights and expertise, and the event offered a great opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas. We look forward to attending future events like this and continue adding value in relation to the scientific, quality, and regulatory affairs section in the esteemed food and beverage industry. 

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