09/December/2021 F&B Newsletter

 Standard  / Date of Publishing: 21/11/2021

Affected region:  Egypt

Ministerial Decree No. 222/2021 for "Products of Poultry Meat Treaded with Heat"

Ministerial Decree No. 222/2021 gives the producers and importers a six-month transitional period to abide by the Egyptian Standard ES 3493 "Products of poultry meat treated with heat".

Date of Entering into Force: 18/01/2022

 Decree  / Date of Publishing: 05/12/2021

Affected region: Oman

Issuing the Technical Regulation of the Conformity System

The provisions of this regulation apply to all products and product categories, except:
Products and categories of products whose safety is regulated by other laws and regulations that serve the same purpose. As for products and categories of products whose basic requirements are regulated by other laws and legislation, but do not cover all of those requirements, they shall be applied with respect to the aspects not covered by the provisions of this regulation.
Products and categories of products intended for export and manufactured in accordance with the contractual terms of the country to which they are exported, provided that none of them is offered in the markets of the Sultanate of Oman unless they meet the requirements stipulated in this system or in the technical regulations for products or product categories. 
Products and categories of products imported in simple non-commercial quantities, such as those imported for personal use or temporarily as display samples not for sale, as determined by the Directorate.

 Circular  / Date of Publishing: 05/12/2021

Affected region:  KSA

Extension of the Deadline to comply with SFDA.FD 5012 “Labelling of Nectar and Fruit Beverages"

The SFDA would like to draw the attention of food manufacturers and importers that the date to comply with the regulation in the aforementioned circular has been postponed to January 1st, 2023. This extension is intended to allow more time for SFDA clients in the private sector to better comply with the above-mentioned regulation. 

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