14/December/2021 F&B Newsletter

 Decree  / Date of Publishing: 05/12/2021

Affected region: Jordan

Instructions for Granting a Jordanian Halal Certificate and Logo for Food

Amended Instructions to Instructions for Granting the Jordanian Halal Certificate and Logo for Food, which will be effective as of 16/12/2021.

 News  / Date of Publishing: 12/12/2021

Affected region: UAE

Change of “Front of Label Nutritional Labelling Policy” to “Voluntary Application” to Enhance the Competitiveness of the Food and Beverage Industries

The UAE Cabinet decided to amend the procedures for implementing the policy of labelling nutritional values for products from the mandatory to voluntary application of standard No. UAE.S 5034: 2018 “Nutritional Labelling of Pre-packed Products as Traffic Light Colours”, which was to oblige manufacturers to provide nutritional data for packaged food products using the colours of traffic lights.

The standard was scheduled to enter mandatory implementation in early January, while the decision to amend it is considered a step aimed at achieving legislative flexibility, removing any logistical challenges or financial burdens on manufacturers and suppliers, and in line with the objectives of the national strategy for industry and advanced technology, adopted by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology. With the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of UAE products in the regional and global markets.

 Standard Draft  / Date of Publishing: 08/12/2021

Affected region:  Iraq

IQS 1127 Carbonated Beverages

This standard draft specifies the general requirements that must be met in non-alcoholic soft drinks that are packaged and intended for direct consumption.

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Date of publishing1:
Country: Yemen, Jordan
Category: Dairy products and analogues, Fats and oils, and fat emulsions
Date of publishing1:
Country: Yemen, Jordan
Category: Dairy products and analogues, Fruits and Vegetables