16/September/2021 F&B Newsletter

 Amendments  / Date of Publishing: 02/09/2021

Affected region:  Jordan

Amendments to all Spices and Condiments Standards

The following amendments have been approved to be added to all spices and condiments standards:

  • Adding a  requirement to the spices and condiments sector that states the following: "The product shall be free of visible molds".

  • Amending or adding the microbial limits table in  Jordanian standards and technical regulations for the spices and condiments sector.

 Standard  / Date of Publishing: 06/09/2021

Affected region:  Jordan

New Jordanian Standards

The following Jordanian Standards have been published:

  • JS 1533:2021 - Health and food safety - Maximum residue limits for veterinary drugs in foods of animal origin

  • JS 2070:2021 - Spices and condiments - curry powder

 Standard  / Date of Publishing: 12/09/2021

Affected region:  GCC

New GSO Standards (Part 8)

GSO Has Published the following new Technical Regulations:

  • GSO 2469:2021 Halal foods-Management system requirements for warehousing and related activities

  • GSO 2613:2021 Emulsifiers-Specifications

  • GSO 2614:2021 Acids-Specifications

  • GSO 2615:2021 Nutrients -Specifications

  • GSO 2616:2021 Packaging gases -Specifications

  • GSO 2617:2021 Flour treatment agent

  • GSO 2618:2021 Colour fixative

  • GSO 2619:2021 Anticaking agent - Specifications

  • GSO 2620:2021 Stabilizers - Specifications

  • GSO 2621:2021 Thickeners- Specifications


  • GSO CODEX STAN 69:2021 Standard for Fresh Frozen Raspberries

 Standard  / Date of Publishing: 06/09/2021
Affected region:  Palestine

Palestine: TR 95:2021 - Amending TR 57:2015 for Extraction Solvents used in the Production of Food Items and Ingredients

 Standard  / Date of Publishing: 12/09/2021
Affected region:  Kuwait

Declaration on the Application of the Technical Regulations

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Date of publishing1:
Country: Yemen, Jordan
Category: Dairy products and analogues, Fats and oils, and fat emulsions
Date of publishing1:
Country: Yemen, Jordan
Category: Dairy products and analogues, Fruits and Vegetables