Iraq lifts the ban on the importation of some food products until 30th Sep 2022

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers - Cabinet Affairs and Committees Department decides to extend the period of your issuance of certificates of conformity for food products and consumer goods covered by the pre-import inspection program (Previously cancelled in the schedule of Cabinet decisions regarding the protection of
the national product) until (30/9/2022).

Products involved:
1. Mineral water.
2. Soft drinks of all kinds.
3. Juices.
4. Energy Drinks.
5. Table egg.
6. Pasteurized dairy (shanina and curdled).
7. Chips-made of corn and potatoes.
8. Ice cream.
9. Table salt.
10. Vermicelli and pasta.
11. Live poultry and whole slaughtered chicken.
12. Beer drink.

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