Marketing Requirements of Food Directed to Children

 Guideline  / Date of Publishing: 09/05/2022
Affected Regions:  KSA

Marketing Requirements of Food Directed to Children

This guide is concerned with the controls and requirements for organizing the advertisement directed to children under the age of twelve about packaged foods and meals served in food establishments.

This regulation of advertising directed to children applies to all food products with low nutritional value according to the Saudi classification model as mentioned in item (1.4), as well as to meals served in food establishments in which the content of nutrients exceeds (fats, saturated fats, sodium and added sugar) the criteria mentioned in clause No. (2.4).

Without prejudice to what is stated in the Breast Milk Substitutes Trading Law and its Executive Regulations, and in a manner that does not conflict with national laws, regulations and circulars, the following are excluded from the application of this guide:

 Infant formula, follow-up formula, and milk intended for special medical use.

 Infant and baby food.

 Food supplements

 Food for special medical uses.

 Fresh vegetables and fruits It includes any mixture of fresh vegetables or fruits, whole or chopped, without any additives (e.g. salad without toasted bread) and does not include dried vegetables and fruits.

Food in which the amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats, saturated fats, salt or sodium, and the total sum of sugars is very small (which can be expressed as zero), such as spices and seasonings.

 Food items consisting of a single ingredient like; rice, tea, coffee and sugar.

 Bottled drinking water.

 Meat, poultry and fish fresh, frozen and chilled, uncooked, without added seasoning and water.

 Fresh juices.

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