Titanium Dioxide Banned as a Food Additive in KSA and Yemen 2022
EFSA says: E171 'no longer considered safe'
KSA & Yemen have banned the use of Titanium dioxide E171. This is based on EFSA’s updated risk assessment of this additive and SFDA circular FS-CIR-1-V1/220421.
Saudi FDA has issued a circular stating that E171 is banned from usage in food products. In addition, existing registrations of food products containing this additive will be stopped. 

All legal measures will be taken by 21st October 2022. 

Yemen has issued a decree banning the use of titanium dioxide in all food products starting 25th September 2022.
Other countries may follow this ban. Therefore, you should consider a replacement for titanium oxide in your products.

We recommend that you take the following actions:

The Replacement

Send us your alternative ingredient options to check their permissibility

The Timelines

Let us know if you will be needing more time for reformulations to help you apply for a grace period extension

Date of Entry into Force (KSA):  21/10/2022
Date of Entry into Force (Yemen): 26/09/2022

Contact RAQAM now to mitigate risks, stay proactive, and ensure a sustainable market supply.

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