Recent Regulatory Approvals by SFDA for Food Product Standards

 Date of Publishing: 30/07/2023 Affected Region:  KSA

New standards recently approved by the SFDA

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has recently announced the approval of new standards and the adoption of Gulf Standard Organization (GSO) standards pertaining to various aspects of food products, aimed at bolstering food safety and consumer protection. These standards, enforce immediately or gradually by 2025, underscore SFDA's commitment to aligning with international norms, enhancing transparency, and ensuring the quality of food products available in the market.

The new approved standard include regulations concerned with Plant-based substitutes for meat and other products of animal origin (Vegan), Flavourings permitted for use in foodstuffs, Non- Alcoholic Carbonated Beverages, and requirements for health and nutrition claims.

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