Upcoming Updates of Food and Beverages Regulations in 2023

Invoices for Imported Goods above AED 10,000 are to be Attested by MoFAIC

Please be informed that at the beginning of February of 2023, all invoices for imported goods (valued at AED 10,000 or more) must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

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GSO 323:2022 'General Requirements for Transportation and Storage of Chilled and Frozen Foods'

Draft Standard Affected Region: GCC

This standard is concerned with the requirements for the transportation and storage of chilled and frozen foods.

Deadline for comments: 11/02/2023

GSO 2483:2022 'Partially Hydrogenated Oils/Fats'

Draft Standard Affected Region: GCC

This draft technical regulation is concerned the trans fat content in food products and applies to all food products intended for human consumption.

Deadline for comments: 11/02/2023

GSO 05 DS GSO 2504:2022 'Transportation and Storage of Food (non-Chilled and non-Frozen)'

Draft Standard Affected Region: GCC

This standard is concerned with the requirements for transportation and storage of food (non-chilled and frozen) that is transported and stored at a temperature that does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and does not require transportation via chilling and freezing in natural conditions.

Deadline for comments: 11/02/2023

Extending the Halal Certificate Requirement for Imports of Milk and Dairy Products

Notification Affected Region: Egypt

This addendum concerns the extension of the time period during which imports of milk and dairy products that are not accompanied by a Halal certificate are allowed to enter into Egypt. The time period has been extended till March 31, 2023 (date of arrival at Egyptian ports) as a trade facilitating measure.

Date of enforcement: 31/03/2023

Umm Al Quwain to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

News Affected Region: UAE

The executive board of Umm Al Quwain has announced the ban on single-use plastic bags starting from January 1st, 2023. The decree supports replacing single-use plastic bags with multiple-use bags of standards approved by the municipality of Umm Al Quwain, or bags that are biodegradable or made of paper/ textile. Accordingly, single-use plastic bags will cost 25 fils (0.25 dirhams) to promote sustainability.

Date of enforcement: 01/01/2023

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